Pricing and Delivery

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The rate we charge will depend on the complexity of your text and the time allowed for completion. Just send your document(s) by email for a free estimate.

Customers from Europe

We moved to Canada in 2004 without losing any customers: communicating and sending material across the Atlantic is effortless, and sometimes the time difference works in everyone’s favour – subtract 5 hours from CET when calling us at:

    +1 902 640-2684

Convenient Payment

We have bank accounts in Canada and Germany that accept online payments and bank transfers. Payment by cheque is of course also possible (only Canada and USA).


We are well equipped to deal with the common combination of short deadlines and demanding texts, and we deliver punctually. Naturally, the more time allotted for a given project, the happier we are, and in some cases we can offer a reduced price in return for ample time.