What We Do

We are experienced translators and proofreaders with a handful of areas of specialization.

Below is a selection of our published work from the last few years.

Art, Architecture & Exhibitions

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Writing Lessons. European Writing Books at the Berlin Kunstbibliothek, E-Publication, Staatliche Museen zu Berlin, 2022

Barockes Feuer. Die Grafik des Giovanni Benedetto Castiglione, Kunsthaus Zürich/Sandstein, 2021

Jack Whitten. Jack's Jacks, Prestel, 2019

The Medea Insurrection - Radical Women Artists behind the Iron Curtain, Staatliche Kunstsammlungen Dresden, Verlag der Buchhandlung Walther König, 2019

Inner. Gesammelte Schriften und Ausgewählte Interviews von Sean Scully, Hatje Cantz, 2018

Künstler Komplex – Fotografische Porträts von Baselitz bis Warhol, Sammlung Platen, Kehrer Verlag, 2018

Canada and Germany. Snapshots from Immigration to Innovation, Embassy of the Federal Republic of Germany Ottawa, 2017

“Buchenwald. Ausgrenzung und Gewalt 1937 bis 1945”, Dauerausstellung der Gedenkstätte, 2016

Twilight over Berlin. Masterworks from the Nationalgalerie 1905-1945, The Israel Museum Jerusalem, 2015

Danny Lyon. Message to the Future

German-language accompanying publication, Yale University Press, 2016

Expressed Reform: Architecture and Art of the University of Konstanz, Hirmer Verlag, 2016

Alberto Giacometti: Woman With Chariot, Hirmer Verlag, 2010

Renzo Piano, Museumsarchitektur, Hatje Cantz, 2007

Arts & Academia

We collaborate with scholars and publishing houses to help publish research in both English and German.

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Learned Physicians and Everyday Medical Practice in the Renaissance (M. Stolberg), de Gruyter, 2021

“Monuments for Deserters!? The Changing Image of Wehrmacht Deserters in Germany and Their Gradual Entry into Germany's Memory Culture” (M. Dräger), Palgrave MacMillan Memory Studies, 2018

“Or of the air itself: Nabokov's 'Mothers' as Bearers of Spiritual Understanding” (N. Scholz), Critical Perspectives on English and American Literature, Communication and Culture, Peter Lang, 2016

Uroscopy in Early Modern Europe (M. Stolberg), Routledge, 2015

“Speech Acts in Biblical Hebrew,” (A. Wagner), Encyclopedia of Hebrew Language and Linguistics, Brill, 2012

Experiencing Illness and the Sick Body in Early Modern Europe, (M. Stolberg), Palgrave Macmillan, 2011

“Collections, Images and form in Sixteenth-Century Natural History: The Case of Conrad Gessner,” (A. Fischel), Intellectual History Review, Routledge, 2010

Music & Drama

Our translation of the play SENSE, by Anja Hilling, was performed in London by the Company of Angels and published by Oberon Books.

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Das Schott-Archiv als Kulturspiegel: 250 Jahre Musikleben und Musikverlegen, Schott Music, 2020

Konzert für Kontrabass und Orchester Nr. 1, D-Dur von Johann Mathias Sperger, introduction, Friedrich Hofmeister Musikverlag 2020

Brave New World, English stage version, FBE, 2018

Lazarus (D. Bowie/E. Walsh), back translation of the musical, FBE, 2017

The 100-Year-Old Man Who Climbed Out the Window and Disappeared, play based on the novel by Jonas Jonasson, FBE, 2014

70 Rheinsberger Solfeggien – Ein Flötenbuch für Friedrich II, introduction, Friedrich Hofmeister Verlag, 2012

Sense, (A. Hilling), Theatre Café Plays Two, Oberon Books, 2010


The English version of BAUHAUS won the “Liliane Steward Award for Design Arts” at the 29th International Festival of Films on Art (FIFA) in Montreal.

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Un été comme ça, (Denis Côté), featured in the competition at the Berlinale, 2022

Films about Charlottenburg-Wilmersdorf, Museum Villa Oppenheim, 2014

The Road to Santiago, Schallpark, 2012

Bauhaus - Model and Myth, (K. Stutterheim/N. Bolbrinker), Arte Edition, 2010.

Kent Nagano - Neue Wege, neue Klänge, (O. Becker), ArtHaus, 2007

Goldberg Variations, Introduced and performed by Andrea Bachetti, ArtHaus, 2007

Memoir & Family Chronicle

My Lieder Family (C. Gautier Dunn), Coastal Village Press, 2019

Chronicle of the Bachmann Family (C. Gautier Dunn), Coastal Village Press, 2016